According to the new protocol, non-UK and non-Irish citizens who are travelling in from Nigeria will not be allowed entry into the UK. Respite is here for tourists, business travellers and holidaymakers as all testing measures for eligible fully vaccinated travellers arriving in the UK will be removed from 4am on February 11, as the government goes one step further to reopen the travel sector.

The changes announced on Monday, January 24, 2022 means that the UK has one of the most free-flowing borders across Europe in addition to having the most open economy and society. The simplification of travel rules comes just before half term, providing welcome news for families looking to travel abroad during the school holidays, as well as an extra boost for the tourism industry.

Thanks to the success of the UK’s vaccine and booster rollout, the government is now able to reduce the number of travel restrictions, ensuring there is a more proportionate system in place for passengers. Before the end of February, eligible fully vaccinated travellers will only need to fill out the passenger locator form (PLF), which will be simplified, confirming their vaccination status, travel history and contact details, and people will have an extra day to fill it out before travelling.

These developments were disclosed on UK’s official website where it disclosed that the framework set out on Monday is intended to be one that will last and it aims to provide stability for travellers and the travel industry throughout 2022, ensuring the UK remains one of the best places in the world to do business.

Meanwhile, friends and families can make the most of their global connections, while saving around £100 for the average family with the removal of testing. Children aged 12-15 in England will be able to prove their vaccination status or proof of prior infection via a digital NHS COVID Pass from February 3, for outbound travel, making it easier for children and families to travel to countries that require proof of vaccination or prior infection to gain entry, avoid isolation, or access venues or services.

It will also enable families to plan holidays for February half term with greater confidence, as parents can be reassured they will quickly be able to evidence their child’s vaccination status or proof of prior infection for outbound travel and meet the requirements of different countries more easily. For inward travel, all under-18s regardless of their individual vaccination status will continue to be considered as fully vaccinated. Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary said:

“One of the first western European countries to lift isolation requirements for all arrivals who do not qualify as fully vaccinated, the UK will also scale back travel restrictions for unvaccinated arrivals. From February 11, individuals who are not fully vaccinated will only need to take a pre-departure test and a PCR test on or before day 2 after they arrive in the UK, as well as filling out the simplified PLF. They will not need to self-isolate on arrival, and will only need to do so on receipt of a positive result.

“We will be further reconnecting with key global markets, and from 4am on February 11, we will recognise vaccine certificates from 16 further countries and territories at the border, including China and Mexico.”


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