Corporate Tokens

Our Core Values

The 6 Es


At Courteville, it is our firm belief that everyone is equally important and this is expressed in the way we treat our customers, both internal and external.


We continually strive to stay ahead of competition, never wavering, never faltering in our quest to achieve our corporate mission and vision.


At Courteville, we switch tables constantly, putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes, in order to better understand and address our clients’ needs.


With consistency and perseverance as our watchwords, we strive to overcome obstacles and challenges in our business environment, turning them instead to stepping stones. We believe strongly in the adage that “with consistency, dripping water hollows out a rock”


We are in business to ensure continuous growth in value for us as a company and for our stakeholders. Therefore we will continue to identify and explore new and profitable business frontiers in order to stay ahead, remaining profitable in our business niche.


We aim to harmonize and stabilize our corporate outlook by ensuring proper work-life balance for our staff, business-business balance for our partners/allies, customer-loyalty balance for our clients and customers alike, etc.

The Journey of a thousand miles Artwork

The proverbial thousand mile journey always starts with the first one step. So did Nigeria’s existence as an Independent country on the 1st of October 1960 and the anniversary of this date marked its 50th year as a whole unit that started this journey from different sets of exogenous parts in the pre-independence era.

Courteville celebrated with Nigeria on her Jubilee by unveiling her commemorative art work themed –
“Courteville—A Journey of a Thousand Miles” designed and executed by Gerald Chukwuma of GDY studios in Lagos, Nigeria.

Courteville celebrated with Nigeria on her Jubilee by unveiling her commemorative art work themed “Courteville—A Journey of a Thousand Miles” designed and executed by Gerald Chukwuma of GDY studios in Lagos, Nigeria.

The art work shows Courteville impacting on the lives of individuals going about their daily activities, in their homes and in motion. It also depicts the “light” of Courteville’s services on the different regions, entities and segments where her services are already in use and the darkness in the areas yet to accept the light.

God Bless Courteville, God Bless Nigeria. Amen.

Digital Highway Avalanche

An AutoReg Experience


MEDIUM: AutoReg Scratch Cards, Drivable Toy Car, Metal, Paper Clips, Nylon Thread, Styrofoam, Plastic Mannequin Head, Miniature Gold Safety Pins, Staples and 3d Wall Paper.

Vital Fun Statistics

  • 3D Wall Paper – 2365 spaces
  • AutoReg Card – 36,425 Pieces
  • Staples – 40,670 Pieces
  • Gold safety pins – 5,757 pieces
  • Colour Paper clips – 17,000 pieces
  • Decorative Plastic Panels – 60 Pieces
  • Man Power – 6 Permanent workers and 13 on and off workers
  • Working Duration – 12 Days
  • Working Hours – 216 Hours: An average of 18 Hours a day

AutoReg Scratch cards (composite cards: made of 60% PVC and 40% PET with dimension of 8.5cm by 5.4cm by 0.1cm.


Traffic Colors – (Red: stop, Yellow: slow down/Approach with caution/get ready and Green: Go)

Pacific Blue- Courteville Business Solutions Company main color and dominant color in AutoReg Scratch card. Blue harmonizes vigor, constancy and freshness.

Pink– Colour of universal love of one self and others. AutoReg was conceived and founded by Dr. Adebola Ismail Akindele out of the concern and love for solving citizens’ problems and also out of love for prosperity of the government in revenue acquisition and increase in vehicle safety.

White- Symbolizes safety, perfection, possibility, goodness, protection. It signifies wiping the slate clean as far as duplication of vehicle license documents were concerned.

Gold-Symbolizes wisdom in conception, patenting, production and multiplication of use.