The P-SEAMS is a custom-tailored school management online solution, designed to support any school operations in relation to the management of student’s life cycle and of the school itself. This solution has been deployed in many schools in Nigeria.The underlying objectives are as follows:

1. Create an integrated solution to manage academic, administrative and business processes.
2. Improve productivity of teachers.
3. Minimize repetitive activities and elimination of manual work.
4. Allow dynamic generation of tasks with popup, alerts and e-mails that provide better productivity and work plan.
5. Improving achievement and learning outcomes for each student.
6. Provide easy access to child’s academic schedule
7. Quick feedback on child’s performance and better interaction with teachers.

One of the main features of the application is the ability for parents to log on from any part of the world at any time and be able to monitor their child’s performance regularly.
The solution also performs several other functions such as academic performance management, resource allocation, parents’ information management, the e-learning platform (e-library), newsletters, SMS, events calendar, students’ registration, record management etc.
P-SEAMS is quite robust and can be custom tailored to fit the operations of any school unlike other school management software that are vended off the shelf.

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