NAPAMS is a software solution designed and developed by Courteville for the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration & Control (NAFDAC) for the regulation and control of the importation, exportation, manufacture, distribution, advertisement, sale and use of foods, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals, detergents and bottled water in Nigeria.

The application mirrors but automates the routine registration processes currently carried out by NAFDAC Officers and is designed to create an authentic database of all NAFDAC approved products.

It is a web-based enterprise software solution, which is accessible via our Web-based Data Capture Platform (

The application has 3 major modules:

  • e-Registration module for new registration and renewals of all regulated products
  • Data capture module to create an authentic database of all products currently approved and registered with NAFDAC.
  • The remote verification module for the remote authentication of information on all NAFDAC approved products in Nigeria

The design, development and deployment of the 1st ever-automated process management software application by Courteville for National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in Africa, heralded the ability of NAFDAC to amongst others do the following:

  • Create an authentic database of all NAFDAC approved and registered products, with all statistical details of products and the owner companies, the relevant images of the product and its packaging, manufacturer, country of import etc.
  • Provide e-registration services through web-based online product registration and renewal application submission and processing.
  • Facilitate the enforcement and enhance the efficiency of the processes of carrying out the regulating function of the Agency.
  • Provide a platform for the remote verification and authentication of information on all NAFDAC approved products in Nigeria.
  • Provide information for statistical analysis of product registration in Nigeria

This service is provided through our Web-based Data Capture platform which can be accessed via