The Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) recently unveiled e-exporters diary as a redesigned product profile aimed at boosting the visibility of exportable Nigerian non-oil products in the global market and the competitiveness of exporters.

The platforms unveiled recently in Abuja by Olusegun Awolowo, Executive Director/CEO, NEPC makes exporters better positioned to maximise the benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA). According to him, these solutions will help exporters address emerging challenges posed by COVID-19 and the volatility of the international trade trajectory.

“The importance of digital applications in enhancing exporters’ competitiveness is now overwhelming. There is a paradigm shift as global buyers and importers extensively vase their trade relationships in available online information hosted on directories published by trade promotion institutions,” he said.

Awolowo further informed that the redesigned product profile now captures critical information as it relates to production, trends, global market access and quality requirements, sustainability certification, market segments and distribution channels among others.

The CEO also said a digital export trade marketplace is underway to enable exporters display all their goods internationally. “All these are connected together for seamless trade and export. They don’t have to be at a trade fair to showcase their goods. It is a new era for exporters. Everything’s coming into play for AfCFTA, our exporters are excited about this.

Evelyn Obidike, Director, Trade Information, NEPC said the product profile will bridge the existing gap in trade information and deepen exporters access to the global market. “We are responding to requests by our exporters asking NEPC to provide the information that will help them access the global market especially AfCFTA, following COVID-19 pandemic where it became very difficult for traders, importers and exporters to travel from one country to another”.

“It became necessary that every exporter, trade promotion organisation must step up especially using the digital age, it is in this that NEPC resolved to make sure that Nigerian exporters are not short-changed, but get their own space in the global market,” she said.

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