Egole, Nigeria’s Foremost Online Shopping Mall

The word Egole which means ‘how much?’ was derived from the Igbo/Ibo speaking Eastern clime of Nigeria. This part of Nigeria is adjudged the most business savvy (forgive me if I am wrong) zone of the country.

Now to the crux of the matter, Nigeria’s foremost e-business solutions company and the franchise owners of the AutoRegTM bureau of services Courteville Business Solutions Plc developed its online shopping mall in 2011 tagged Egole which can “arguably” be said to be the first online retail shopping mall in West Africa. It did not reach the expected heights as compared to the Jumias and Kongas but when asked about the company’s e-commerce position in a recent interview with the Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) Africa the Group Managing Director of Courteville Mr. Adebola Akindele categorically stated that the e-commerce business was not a “sprint but rather a marathon” and to succeed in the business boils down to sustainability. He also pointed out that Egole is now prepared to be launched commercially.

Egole clearly has not been a commercial venture in terms of reach to the public as it’s just the staff of Courteville Business Solutions, close family and friends that have been on the forefront in terms of patronage.


What Makes Egole Stand Out?

The Egole brand is different from the others because they are not Stockists which means they do not store goods in warehouses but they are simply Aggregators which simply means they provide a platform to link merchants with customers or buyers. This strategy has been adopted to help avoid issues around been stocked out and some other inefficiencies. While Egole is not as pronounced as the others, it barely has recorded a loss since inception and with a new model in play things will only get better.

The Egole team has redesigned its website and online shopping could not have been made any easier, for more information you can check out the website Egole has the potential to be the best online retail shopping mall in West Africa and even in Africa as a whole and the efforts put into this has been clear with sales over sales been recorded and delivery near instantaneous.

Egole can be credited with having the largest online groceries section and for book lovers Egole boasts of a wide range of enthralling books that will uplift you intellectually while also soothing your needs. The baby products and toys will positively aid children’s formative growth.

Egole’s electronics and appliances section will keep you fixated. There’s a variety of other electronic appliances and many other home appliances and gadgets in stock enabling the customer to pick items easily by selecting from a particular price range. You will always find your beauty products and grocery shopping convenient with Egole and there are surely other products that will catch your attention from this well-designed and attractive online shopping mall. Best believe Egole is your one stop online shopping mall and there is an item for everybody.

Courteville Business Solutions Plc has been nominated for the Nigeria Technology Awards (NiTA) in the category for Best Use of Technology Vehicle Registration and Automation and Mr. Akindele is also nominated in the Technology Personality of the year category. Kindly vote for Courteville and Mr. Akindele via this link

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