Courteville Holds 10th Annual General Meeting

Courteville Business Solutions Plc on Tuesday 10th May, 2016 had its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Main Auditorium of the University of Lagos in Akoka, Lagos. Despite a turbulent past 12 months due to the dire state of the Nation’s economy the organization was able to declare the sum of N184, 386,415 (One Hundred and Eighty Four Million Three Hundred and Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred and Fifteen Naira) Profit Before Tax (PBT) and 65,617,263 (Sixty Five Million Six Hundred and Seventeen Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Three Naira) Profit After Tax (PAT).

The profit posted year end of 2015 was however a far cry from the PBT of 457,031,808 (Four Hundred and Fifty Seven Million Thirty One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eight Naira) and PAT of 317,657, 146 (Three Hundred and Seventeen Million Six Hundred and Fifty Seven Thousand One Hundred and Forty Six) posted in 2014 but the Group Managing Director, Mr. Adebola Akindele was able to calm the nerves of shareholders and stakeholders alike by allaying their fears of a repeat of the 2015 results with strategies that would move the organization forward and proper equip the organization for future uncertainties all in a bid to post better results by the turn of the year.

Mr. Akindele also assured those present that cost cutting means were already in place and that though there would be no dividends paid subsequent to the Interim dividend paid in 2015 due to the company’s result for the past year and economic realities, he assured that things will take a better turn come year end 2016

The Annual General Meeting was brought to close with the shareholders present sharing the confidence of the board, management, auditors and registrars of Courteville by reinstating the Chairman of the board and other heads and members of Committees.

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