The Chief Technical Director, Comercio Cloud Computing Limited, Aderemi Adejumo, has described cloud computing as the future of data storage, Adejumo said this in Lagos, while unveiling the company’s plan to push the concept of cloud computing in Nigeria with the support of Chinese Tech giant, Huawei.

Adejumo said, “We are the first enterprise cloud platform in Nigeria and we are trying to push the Cloud agenda in Nigeria, for people to be aware as to how cloud can contribute to the business transformation in Nigeria. “Cloud is a cost saving strategy for companies and for their technology. It’s a way of maintaining the same technology and more at a much lower cost than in house implementation of technology.

Our aim is to set agenda and the foundation for people to be aware that we have that capability on ground as opposed to going out of the country when we have the same facility in Nigeria. Even from the economic point of view, we save on the capital flight, we are contributing to the food chain, we are spending on staff in Nigeria, keeping the money in the country as opposed to pushing it out and growing others economy.

“Cloud Computing is the future. 70 percent of CTO in the world are focusing on cloud computing as a cost saving and as way of improving their businesses so, that is a key thing to look out for.” According to him, Nigeria is a country of over 200 million people and it’s a huge shame that a lot of businesses are going outside the country.

Adejumo said Nigeria has moved in over the last 40 years to be a sole importer “so, we cannot sustain our economy on importing because that pressure is on foreign exchange but if 90 per cent of what we are doing is local like we find in the Chinese, that’s when we can grow our economy phenomenally, and we can grow our economy faster than even the western world. We must grow our local technology and there is a lot of local technology and it’s an ecosystem even within the technology space.”

On the prospect for the ICT in regard to the partnership with Huawei, he said, “there is a lot in the news about Huawei but that’s on the telecom side, this is enterprise. Huawei as a firm has the highest investment in research and development; they spend a lot pushing the boundary of the technology in the country.

According to him, Huawei is the only OEM that is doing that in Nigeria, stressing that the American OEMs just come to sell their boxes without investing in our people as the Chinese do. He stressed that Hauwei is also cost effective; they are 50 per cent cost of the American company in terms of what we are spending.

On his part, IT Solution Director, Huawei, Cai Qiong, said, “Huawei business fusion fare for this kind of self developed cloud OS. We are very competitive vendor in the Nigeria market. We have been partnering with Commercio for almost two years. They are very solidified about our service and in the past two years, we have had no issues.


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