The School of Politics, Policy and Governance has urged Africans on the need to urgently fix the gaps experienced in the areas of policy analysis, especially as Africa is in dire need of disruptive leadership for economic progress.

A statement said the Convener/Chair of FixPolitics and Founder SPPG, Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, noted that the world needs Africa and Africa needs the world.

“The existing multilateral order is broken and must be urgently fixed so that our world can make critical decisions and take the right actions on issues that affect us all,” she said.

Ezekwesili advocated for Africa to be at the center of the conversations on global governance, economic growth, poverty and inequality, climate change, disruptive technologies and related issues of human and social development.

She said, “The world will do better with Africa actively at the table of the redesign of today’s global architecture for a future that provides equal opportunity for everyone anywhere to excel. To be ready for this, Africa needs disruptive leaders who are constantly investing in finding better solutions to problems of their communities, countries and the world.”

She added, “SPPG is where we are raising the ethical, competent and capable disruptive leaders for an Africa that sits at the global table of decision. And we are doing so, one leader at a time in significant numbers.”






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