Nigeria and Tech in 2023 – Part 2

“The oil sector, which used to dominate the country’s GDP bottom line, fell to 6.33 percent in Q2 2022, a position lower than its 7.42 percent in Q2 2021 and 6.63 percent in Q1 2022

“From these few available facts, the ICT sectors will certainly rise in Fintech, e-commerce and the current trend in AI. That’s where the world is heading to and Nigeria being a dominant player in the West Africa sub-region, we won’t be left behind,” Akpeki said.

However, Executive Director of a social enterprise that  builds an ICT-enabled support system,   Paradigm Initiative, Mr. Gbenga Sesan, “I strongly feel that the contribution of tech to Nigeria’s economy will increase in 2023, and as more citizens come to terms with the reliability of digital goods and services.

“But I think a root problem with the economy can be summed up in one word, government. Apart from recursive government policies that threaten the tech economy that has been thriving in spite of (not because of) government, there is also the danger of a Minister who is bent on crippling gains by introducing redundant policies and reversing the independence of institutions.”

Source: Vanguard Nigeria

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