Nigerian youths have been urged to embrace moral regeneration so as to acquire stronger force and foundation that would enable them attain greater heights in life. Speaking at the launch of a new music album in Lagos, titled ‘Focused Girl’, a retired director at the Lagos State Ministry of Education, Ajoke Erogbogbo-Gbeleyi lamented the influx of unguarded literature in recent times, particularly through the Internet, saying that such literature had mounted undue peer pressure on the young ones.

On the new song, Gbeleyi, who is the founder of Focused Girls’ Moral Regeneration Initiative, a non-for-profit organisation, affirmed that the song which was written by her organisation aimed to make significant impact, on how to curb moral decadence. “The song is poised to convince as many boys and girls as possible to embrace the path of rectitude in a permissive society and also persuade many boys to stop making girls endangered species in a world of uncontrolled permissiveness.

“I believe that the song would be embraced by millions of boys and girls across Africa starting from our beloved country, Nigeria, so as to curb the undue peer pressure and influence of the influx of unguarded literature in recent times particularly through the Internet,” she added. She revealed that her organisation intends to get endorsement from the corporate sector, federal and state governments; higher institutions of learning, private primary and secondary schools, as well as concerned Individuals.

Such endorsement, the retired director said, would yield a wide outreach across Nigeria and Africa with a view to inculcating worthy ideals in the minds of the present and future leaders, who need consistent guidance to stay off all forms of vices, for their healthy and spiritual development.

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