President Muhammadu Buhari is worried that the mass migration of African youth to Europe is causing the continent massive talent pool drain. The Nigerian president stated this at the ongoing European Union and African Union summit in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

In an article he presented at the 6th EU-AU summit, President Buhari disclosed that despite Europe’s best efforts, it may not be able to find a lasting solution to the provoking political crisis in their continent resulting from the mass exodus of African youth to Europe.

According to Politico, an online/offline magazine, the most influential publication for the EU/ AU in Brussels, “President Buhari said instead of European countries making themselves fortress for Africans, more opportunities must be created for Africans at home, providing alternatives to the decision to take a life-threatening boat journey in order to seek them elsewhere.”

Buhari rather counselled that the economic relations between the two continents must be recalibrated to focus more on job creation. “By 2050, Africa’s population of 1.3 billion is set to double, making up a quarter of the world’s total. My country, Nigeria, is set to double its population to 400 million by then, surpassing the United States to become the third-largest nation in the world.

“This means a huge youthful market right on Europe’s doorstep and with increased trade a growing middle class with money to spend. However, despite burgeoning possibility, irregular northward migration from my continent drains Africa’s talent pool, while provoking political crises in the EU.

“When it comes to the relationship between the European Union and Africa, unfair arrangements have long been skated over for lack of alternatives. Increasingly unsustainable, these one-sided deals have provoked calls from both sides of the Mediterranean for a partnership of equals.

“At the EU-Africa Summit, leaders from across my continent will gather with their European counterparts to transform such rhetoric into substance. The EU is currently Africa’s largest trading partner, and Africa is the fastest-growing continent on earth. While each presents the other with great opportunities, as partners, we also share a host of problems. Today, the EU-Africa relationship must be shifted toward a new economic arrangement in order to address them. The relationship between the EU and Africa must be rebalanced to power job creation.

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