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The Partners Lead, Google, Tolulope Akinyele on Saturday in Lagos, urged Nigerians to use the internet to boost their daily endeavours. Akinyele, who gave the advice during the TechPoint Inspired 2019 conference, said that the internet has made life easier, hence, the need to utilise it for individual self enhancement.

She said that in 2000, only 361 million people were online across the world, but in 2019, there were over four billion, indicating the growth of the usage of the internet. She said Africa has already been connected to the internet, adding that it has been estimated that by year 2020, there would be 500 million internet users in the continent.

“In Nigeria, 22 million people are unemployed or underemployed, a situation which needs to be tackled, The future of work is the internet and Google can also show you hundreds of job listings near you. “People are always searching for information that would boost their daily activities, hence, there were 3.5 million searches daily, with Google Search Engine, people can easily get information they needed to make life easier,” Akinyele said.

According to her, there is a lot going on around the internet world and Google has remained relevant by offering applications that would enhance people’s endeavours. ”People want to interact with the internet the way they interact with their friends. Google helps you to interact as if you are interacting with a friend,” she said. Akinyele said that one could access Google through three ways of Google App, Google Go and Google Chrome. According to her, Google helps with school assignments, to search for jobs, prepare for interview and to grow businesses. (NAN)





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