Why Courteville Business Solutions Plc’s SMELite Is the Answer to Nigeria’s SME Challenges

Courteville Business Solutions Plc is the patent owner of the AutoRegTM business solution platform, through which it has created the largest data capture and process platform in sub-Saharan Africa.

Courteville is well known for its reputation of adopting fresh thinking in providing and delivering definitive and innovative e-business solutions in their unmatched areas of expertise. These range from the design and development of customized software and mobile applications, through data capture services, retail business channel delivery services, dedicated & cloud hosting services as well as tax administration consultancy services.

Over the years the Company has honed its expertise and knowledge in the development of IT solutions that effectively solve endemic and peculiar challenges that are unique to the Nigerian environment. These solutions, which are all web-based and extremely cost effective to deploy are currently operational in Nigeria, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Jamaica in the Caribbean.

Introducing SMELiteTM

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are supposed to be the economic mainstay of the economy of any nation and Nigeria should not be an exception to this assertion as SMEs make up about 90% of the companies resident in the country.

SMEs certainly impact the spread of income in efficient and minimal terms and they are supposed to enhance capacity building because they serve as an opportunity for breeding business upstarts and entrepreneurs which in turn lead to employment creation. Despite the role SMEs are supposed to play in the liberation of the Nigerian economy, these SMEs are faced with a number of challenges.

In line with Courteville’s vision statement which states “to touch the lives of every citizen of the world”, the company developed a robust solution to enhance the activities of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

SMELite is a simple web-based and mobile responsive market hub and financial management portal for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). It aims to grow and develop SMEs into world-class businesses by identifying challenges that are currently stifling the emergence of the SMEs.

The SMELite application is based on a flexible and highly scalable design to meet specific needs. For financial institutions financing the SMEs, the application gives the business owner and the financial institution the access to monitor the financial position of the SME on a real- time basis.

The application also gives the SME an access to basic Accounting report (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account), Sales Report, Customer Debt Report, Purchase Report, Reorder- Level Report in such a way that the business owner can monitor and manage his business online and real time from anywhere in the world.

Why Courteville’s SMELite Should Be Adopted:

  • It is cheap and very easy to deploy
  • A cluster of similar businesses can created with this solution
  • Ease of use for non-tech individuals
  • Provides online presence for businesses through its website creation platform
  • It provides a platform to monitor the activities of SMEs business and other prospects.
  • It helps SMEs receive and manage financial services from commercial banks.
  • It creates an online web presence for the SMEs.
  • It creates an online platform where the business-to-consumer or business-to-business market can make available their goods and services which is made accessible to consumers online
  • It provides robust reporting platform to generate various parameters of performance measurement as required for effective operations monitoring. E.g. Balance sheet, Profit & loss, Purchase, Stock Position and Daily Sales Report.
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