Multinational technology company, Google,has said it is committed to empowering youths in different areas of life. The internet-service technology company said it is providing the needed drive for the youths to advance their professional carriers as well as other side jobs.

Google Public Policy Manager, Seember Nyanger,said this,yesterday, in Abuja ,at the 10th Nigeria Integrity, Film Awards,a unique platform that provides incentives for young scriptwriters to promote integrity values using film while influencing the wider public.

According to her,the company will particularly focus on developing the capacity of the youths in the creative industry. “Google is committed to working with Nigerian youths in boosting their capacity in the creative industry,” she said. Nyanger said the company through youtube would ensure that,” many youths earn income from their creative talent.”

Speaking at the event,the Director General of Nigerian Copyright Commission, Mr John Asein, allayed fear that the Social Media Bill,pending before the National Assembly would clamp down on innocent Nigerian youths. According to her,the bill will advance the interest of Nigeria, or the interest of the youths or in that way the interest of the social media.

“Nigerians should not think that everyone out there is irresponsible in a way that they will put a bill through in a way that it will not in any way advance the interest of Nigeria, or the interest of the youths or in that way the interest of the social media.

“I am a bit confident that at the end of the day,we will have an act that advance the use of social media for wealth creation, for communication, for information dissemination and for education. “We have come to see now that virtually every person in Nigeria has their smart phones or has their phones and very soon,the internet connectivity is going to roll higher and so everyone would be on the social media literally.

“So I don’t think the bill or the act if it becomes one,will be such that Nigerians will be sent to their gallows just for using social media. Let’s hope that the right thing will be done and I believe it will,” she said. He spoke further: “If you look at the demographics today,you will know that the Nigerian youths constitute the majority and we know that they are very busy intellectually. If there is any group that has the potentials to turn things around and use the digital platform to be able to create wealth in this sector would be the youths.

“Although demographics shows that we have youth unemployment but we have an alternative employment stream for them to make money and that is very important. “So they don’t have to depend so much on government’s employment or private employment because they can actually create jobs for themselves using their creative talents and this digital platform gives them that ability at low cost.”

Recall that Google specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. It is considered one of the Big Four technology companies, alongside Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.




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