As Nigeria millennial takes a larger per cent of the global workforce, they have been urged to explore sustainable ideas and projects to enhance growth. Speaking during the Inspire, Innovate and Influence event, Founder, David Owumi, said the youth of today have realised that Africa is in their hands unlike before. Owumi added that Africa should be proactive by taking drastic decisions in this line or suffer a major setback into neo-colonisation.

“Growing up in an increasingly free and fair continent, the young people of Africa are dynamic, forward-looking and best positioned to find innovative solutions to local challenges through the use of science and technology. The future is bright and we have been seeing great things.

“The community aims to share and be abreast of innovative ideas and projects. The community is hinged on research and innovative projects. Salt Africa is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) committed to driving social projects and fosters Africa’s sustainable development,” he added.

He pointed out that many people are social entrepreneurs that are solving real problems. “Sustainability is a new culture. I believe technology will play a vital role in driving Africa’s sustainable development and human capital development,” he added. Owumi argued that Nigeria has not got to the peak of skill, but can leverage basic technology using simple Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Creative Director, Sabi Teachers, George Nimi, said their drive is to make education meaningful. “We propose nine subjects only for children in primary and secondary schools. We want to have an impactful time for the new generation, with a high sense of creativity and innovation. We want to channel the children’s strength to solving problems.

“The current curriculum does not reflect the future, even 10 years from now. We want the children to be thinkers. We are pushing this narrative and we hope that things changes in no time,” he said.

As a matter of urgency, Nimi said the old curriculum is not at par with the global standard. “It is a collective responsibility. Parents should be responsible for what their children are learning,” he added.


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