Courteville's 6 Es

Equity • Endurance • Empathy • Enterprise • Energy • Equilibrium


At Courteville, it is our firm belief that everyone is equally important and this is expressed in the way we treat our customers, both internal and external.


With consistency and perseverance as our watchwords, we strive to overcome obstacles and challenges in our business environment, turning them instead to stepping stones. We believe strongly in the adage that “with consistency, dripping water hollows out a rock”


At Courteville, we switch tables constantly, putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes, in order to better understand and address our clients’ needs.


We continually strive to stay ahead of competition, never wavering, never faltering in our quest to achieve our corporate mission and vision.


We aim to harmonize and stabilize our corporate outlook by ensuring proper work-life balance for our staff, business-business balance for our partners/allies, customer-loyalty balance for our clients and customers alike, etc.


We are in business to ensure continuous growth in value for us as a company and for our stakeholders. Therefore we will continue to identify and explore new and profitable business frontiers in order to stay ahead, remaining profitable in our business niche.

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