Several Information and Communications Technology experts have said that social media platforms have become vital tools for the growth of any business in the world today. They are also of the belief that effective use of social media would enhance various businesses and position them for global competitiveness.

Speaking at a forum in Lagos as part of events marking the Social Media Week in the country, the Chief Operating Officer, Syracuse Digital, Mr Sunkanmi Ola, pointed out that social media platforms have become vital digital marketing tools with capacities to grow and sustain business development.

While speaking on the theme, ‘Measuring the returns on Social Media Investment,’ Ola explained that while traditional marketing appealed to local audience and expensive to run, digital marketing have infinite audience – appealing to both local and global audience as well as creating room for customer interactions and feedbacks.

He added that for businesses to plan influencer marketing campaigns there must be first-hand research and discovery, strategy and planning, identification and engagement, campaign management, measuring and reporting.

He also warned businesses to be careful of how to manage crises on social media, saying, “If the right approach is not deployed, it could make or mar the business. In the event of crisis, the first step is to detect what the crisis is, listen to the appropriate platforms, identify the negative key words and act swiftly. The crisis must be identified and resolved amicably so as not to jeopardise the growth of the business.”

A representative from the Redwire Marketing Group, Doyinsola Ajayi, said the purpose of the event was to provide key insight and educate the audience – comprising leaders in the marketing industry, business persons and young professionals – on ways to maximise social media marketing budgets in getting the best returns, in terms of engagement, financial profitability and overall brand value.

Ajayi added that businesses in Nigeria must imbibe the social media platforms in order to remain afloat and globally competitive as “this is the only way to sustain their businesses and attain customer satisfaction at all times.”





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