NIMC Proposes N1Mn Fine against Companies Disregarding NIN

Apparently trying to ensure that all organisations rendering essential services recognise the National Identity Number, NIN as a valid document in the country, The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), has slammed a N1million fine against any organization found to have denied essential services to any Nigerian that provides only the NIN.

The Director General of the Commission, Engr. Aliyu Aziz, disclosed this on Monday at a press conference to announce the fourth annual Government Forum on Electronic Identity in Africa (ID4AFRICA 2018) in Abuja.

He said once the enforcement of the harmonized National Identity Number starts, the penalty for every transaction that is denied any NIN bearer is N1Million and that the person is authorized to report to NIMC for necessary actions. Although, he did not specify the commencement date, he said almost all the sectors of the economy have been adopting the NIN as the unique identifier.

He said that according to the NIMC’s Act, Nigerians needed the NIN to get the international passport, for banking transactions, insurance, land transactions, voting, driver’s license for SIM registration and all other government services based on regulations. He added that: “Last year, we spent time on regulation, making sure that the legal framework was very tidy.

“Today we have 26 members in harmonization committee, involving, INEC, Immigration, FRSC, NHIS, NCC etc. “We have been harmonizing the BVN records, INEC and NCC data. So far, we have 30m recorded NIN in the data base, without duplication. We have also agreed to work with CBN to make sure all the bank records are included.

“Once we start full enforcement of mandatory use of NIN, every Nigerian that goes to request for any public service and is denied such service by anyone, the fine will be N1m. You can refuse to disclose you’re biometric; all they need is your NIN. “If they refuse you service, you can report to NIMC and the penalty is N1m for every transaction that they refuse to use the NIN.”


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