Nigeria Needs More Investments in Mapping Technology — GEOSON

The Geospacial Society of Nigeria has asked the government and other stakeholders to embrace geospatial technology for effective management of cities across the country. The group said data were essential for planning of smart cities, hence the need for managers to embrace geospatial technology for better decisions on cities’ management.

At its 2019 annual technical discourse, the President of GEOSON, Dr Mathew Adepoju, said mapping or geospatial technology would help the government in getting data for planning, revenue generation and effective management of cities. According to him, through the use of the technology, data can be used for decision-making for transportation; traffic, flood and drainage management will become easy.

The Managing Director of Lordsfield Limited, Mr Ropo Olajugba, and new chairman of Lagos Chapter of GEOSON, said, “There is no human knowledge that can manage a city like Lagos; we need technology and highly trained people to do it.” He stated that deploying geospatial technology had many advantages.


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