Nigeria, Kenya lead in Agri-Tech market

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In the report, Kenya and Nigeria are in first place as the top two agri-tech markets on the continent, while Ghana trails in the third position. The three countries account for over 60 per cent of agri-tech startups active in Africa.

According to the report tagged, Agrinnovating for Africa: Exploring the African — which was forward to track annual startup activities in the agri-tech space shows that there are 82 startups in the sector and that the market has grown by 110% in the last two years.

It also revealed that more than $19 Million was invested in the agri-tech sector over the past two years.

The current boom began in 2016, and over the following two years, 43 new ventures have been launched across Africa.




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  • Akinyanju, Akintunde

    This is expected considering the fact that Nigeria and host of other African nations has over the years imbibed innovation and the use of technology in the agricultural sector. Nigeria especially has been on massive campaign on how to move from its mono product economy to other sector.
    The African Development Bank also has been clamouring for a robust use of technology as a way of having a strong agricultural sector.AFDB invested roughly $24bn .
    Now, Nigerian farmers are now deploying technologies on a small scale like irrigators,harvesters,anti pest plants etc and the result can be seen. Startups too are springing up and most of them have device a system that allows individuals to own farms without necessarily being a farmer.
    By and large,one will wish that this boom can be sustained, for Nigeria to continue as one of the front runner in Africa.

  • john vigan

    There is improvement on the business.

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