Abuse of consumers by telecommunications operators and their agents would henceforth attract serious sanctions.

This is because the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) are collaborating to tackle the ugly trend after thorough investigations.

According to them,  the scope of the investigation essentially includes service quality, service issues such as call masking, unsolicited subscriptions, difficulty with unsubscribing to billed value added services, and transparency in billing with respect to clarity, data roll over, disclosures about real consumption, deductions for value added services and other key telecommunications services.

They stressed that abuse of consumers can no longer be tolerated in the sector. In a joint statement issued by both CPC and NCC, a copy of which was made available to journalists, the two bodies said “in the spirit of this mutual objective to protect consumers, we announce the commencement of a joint regulatory inquiry into consumer issues in the telecommunication industry by the Nigerian Communications Commission and the Consumer Protection Council.

“This is the right thing to do. It promotes regulatory collaboration and all round protection. It also ensures regulatory clarity and eliminates possible multiple regulatory approaches to similar issues. This is good for industry and operators as well as investors always appreciate such clarity and stability.

“This is consistent and complimentary to the Federal Government’s commitment to Ease of Doing Business and the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan which prioritizes people, and firm but clear regulation that protects citizen, and promotes business and investment.”

According to the two bodies, this joint inquiry which is in further partnership with relevant security agencies is in part on account of incessant and continuing dissatisfaction and complaints by consumers. They stressed that the move was also in part in response to a resolution of the Senate of the National Assembly requiring investigation and remedial measures of vital service issues and grievances by consumers.


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