Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, on Monday said the ministry was working hard to ensure Nigeria gets more satellites in space. The minister spoke during a meeting with the management of VIASAT Inc. in Abuja.

Onu also said the Ministry of Science and Technology would partner with VIASAT Inc. to provide high speed Internet services to urban and rural areas that have not been covered by existing service operators. Noting that ICT was key in achieving and building a knowledge-based society, he said Internet services would facilitate socio-economic development in Nigeria.

The minister further disclosed that the National Space Research and Development Agency, an agency under the ministry, would partner with VIASAT Inc. in some relevant areas. The Executive Vice-President of VIASAT Inc., Keven Kirk Lippert, said the firm had invested $2bn on satellite technology to provide high-speed Internet in Nigeria and other African countries.






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