Lagos State has introduced a programme called, ‘Lagos Resilience Strategy’, as part of its efforts to boost enterprise among other developments in the state. During the launch of the programme which was attended by many dignitaries in Lagos on Tuesday, The Chief Resilience Officer, Lagos State Resilience Office, Gbolahan Oki, said the three major pillars of the strategy were improving the state as an enterprise city, ensuring efficiency and making the city inclusive.

During the event, he stated that Lagos would ensure, “A city that harnesses its human and natural assets to build a thriving and adaptive economy. Specifically, Lagos can leverage its geographic location, the size of its population and the robustness of its formal and informal economy.” Under this aspect, Oki explained that it would support individuals and collective entrepreneurship as a driving force for innovation and development, and position Lagos as an attractive and open city valuing cultural and environmental assets.

He added that the state would strengthen Lagos State Employment Trust Fund to support job creation, establish at least one innovation and incubation hub in all the 20 local government areas and 37 local council development areas. He said the state would also upgrade market infrastructure, establish information and communication technology village that would incorporate the current computer village, and expand the master craftsman project.

As part of efforts to boost an efficient city, Oki further explained that it would provide a robust multi-modal and integrated transportation system, improve access to clean water and sanitation, enhance the provision of affordable and reliable energy, and enhance the city’s resilience through land use planning. Under the last pillar to make Lagos an inclusive state, he stated that LASRO sought to enhance the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all its residents, especially the poor and vulnerable. Oki said, that Lagos State Resilience Office was set up as a resilience strategic planning office, headed by a chief resilience officer with officers posted from various ministries.


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