A waste recycling company, Free Recycle Limited says Lagos State generates 870,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually.

Speaking at an event recently in Lagos, Managing Director of BASF West Africa, Jean-Marc, described the volume of waste generated by the state as a source of wealth for the state. According to him, there is a huge market in waste recycling saying Nigeria still has a long way to go when it comes to the issue of waste, adding that the volume of waste in Nigeria and the total value in the emerging market is becoming a problem.

Jean-Marc added that the name change from Freetown recycling to free recycling will immediately provide solutions to the problem and people will start seeing big opportunities in waste recycling.

“When we collaborate the first thing we look at is that we share common values and passion but measuring your success is very critical and you can only look at it from the total value of society’s perspective. We often see piles of plastic waste in Lagos, and everybody drops it in the garbage and they do not even care about it. Look at it as mining.  In that particular pile you might have five to seven different types of plastics, some of them have electricity value tied to them and others have a growing value chain for recycling.”

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