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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has commended the recent waste-to-power plant project of the Kano State government, stating that it is the sort of project that could be a template for other states across the country, if it is done well. Osinbajo disclosed this on Tuesday after a meeting with the Kano State delegation led by Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, and officials of Capegate Investment Limited, a private environmental services provider, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He also praised all stakeholders involved in the project for willing to take on such a project, with its size and scope.

What the Vice President is saying

Speaking on the matter, the Vice President said, ”It is not just a sanitation project; it is obviously one that is looking at an end-to-end waste management solution with strong components for our NDC’s contributions, and our whole de-carbonisation ambitions for climate change.

“The whole package is very important for us as a government which is why I thought, the idea of bringing everyone together to have this preliminary discussion is important, so that we can learn as you go forward. It is important for it to be seen as something that we all need to work on. I think that it is the sort of project that could be a template for other states across the country, if it is done well.”

He added that the FG is willing to support the project as the Kano State Governor Ganduje revealed earlier that the state had signed a 20-year concession agreement with the company for waste collection, waste transportation, sorting, and processing to produce electricity and organic fertiliser, among others, due largely to the company’s track record in its area of competence.

Read more at: https://nairametrics.com/2021/10/27/kano-waste-to-power-plant-project-could-be-a-template-for-other-states-osinbajo/

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