ISMS Policy

Information Security Policy

The Information Security Policy of Courteville Business Solutions PLC is as follows;

  • We are committed to the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information in the provision of automated Business Solutions Services and to satisfy applicable statutory, regulatory, contractual and interested parties’ requirements.
  • Measurable information security objectives are set at each levels.
  • We ensure continual improvement of the Information Security Management System and is reviewed as the need arises.

Information Security Objectives

The Information Security Objective of Courteville Business Solutions PLC is as follows;

  • To continually prevent loss of information assets and ensure the safety and security of same.
  • To ensure all information security incidences are reported and treated.
  • Establish clear process objectives and ensure that Team Members and third parties are aware of the company’s expectations and requirements for acceptable use of Information Assets.
  • To deploy tools that will result in the continual preservation and availability of Information and data in its possession.
  • To ensure compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements in line with Courteville Business Solutions Plc’s Operations.