Information Security Policy

The Information Security Policy of Courteville Business Solutions PLC is as follows;

  • We are committed to the preservation, integrity and confidentiality of information in the provision of automated Business Solutions Services and to satisfy applicable statutory, regulatory, contractual and interested parties’ requirements.
  • Measurable information security objectives are set at each levels.
  • We are committed to continual improvement of the Information Security Management System and is reviewed periodically.

Information Security Objectives

The Information Security Objective of Courteville Business Solutions PLC is as follows;

  • To continually prevent loss of information assets and ensure the safety and security of same.
  • To ensure all information security incidences are reported every month.
  • Establish clear objectives of the ISMS and ensure that Team Members and third parties are aware of the company’s expectations and requirements for acceptable use of Information Assets.
  • The Company is committed to the continual preservation and availability of Information data in its possession.
  • To ensure compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements in line with Courteville Business Solutions PLC’s Operations.
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