The Federal Government on Thursday announced that henceforth it would commercialise all proven scientific inventions and researches for the benefit of Nigerians. Speaking at the National Competitiveness Forum on Regulatory Establishments in Nigeria under its programme of the National Strategy for Competitiveness in Raw Materials and Products Development in Abuja, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, stated that the government would also ensure that all researches in the country were industry-demand-driven.

He said, “This administration is initiating strategic alliance between the organised private sector and academia in a manner that was never experienced in Nigeria before by ensuring that henceforth, all research and development activities would be industry-demand-driven. “In addition, all proven scientific inventions, research and development breakthroughs would be subjected to commercialisation for the benefit of all, most especially, those scientists and entrepreneurs that are directly involved.”

Onu also stated that he was convinced that the successful implementation of the national strategy for competitiveness in raw materials and products development would yield immense benefits to ensure an irreversible indigenous industrialisation process, higher productivity, enhanced value addition, quality employment generation, poverty alleviation and prosperity for the country.

He added, “What is needed at this implementation stage is the collective effort of key stakeholders with commitment through effective collaboration, cooperation and coordination of various complementing roles for the common goal of driving Nigeria to higher ranking in global competitiveness.

“Specifically, a successful implementation of this strategy would yield about 4.2 million quality and decent jobs, 10.8 per cent import reduction of goods, thereby saving the country over N3Tn for the short-term period of five years.” He said the forum was important as it would enable participants to make useful contributions on how to implement the national strategy.

Onu said, “There is the urgent need to effectively coordinate all regulatory bodies in the country. In doing so, some balance must be maintained between the needs of both business and people. When this is done, the tremendous power of science and technology will be harnessed for the development of our great nation.”


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