The Federal Government has established 42 technology transfer centres in order to encourage market-oriented researches across the country, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnnaya Onu, has said. Onu said this at the commemoration of the African Day for Technology and Intellectual Property in Abuja on Thursday.

According to the minister, the technology transfer centres, established through the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion, is a recognition that research should be driven by the needs of the industry rather than a mere academic pursuit.

The African Day for Technology and Intellectual Property, commemorated on September 13 of every year, aims to encourage nations on the continent to arouse the innovative spirit of Africans in order to facilitate home grown technology-based development.

Onu said the commemoration of the day set aside for technology by a resolution of the African Union indicated the great importance and imperative of science, technology and innovation to African nations.

Speaking on the theme: ‘Promoting science, technology and innovation culture and education in Nigeria’ at the event organised by NOTAP, Onu stated that the agency had also helped individuals and corporate bodies to secure 142 patents for different innovations.

He said, “The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology/NOTAP has established 42 intellectual property and technology transfer offices across the country in universities, polytechnics and research institutions in Nigeria.

“Among the objectives is to encourage market-oriented research activities as well as to strengthen the linkage between universities/research institutions and industrial enterprises.

“With the increasing importance of knowledge as the main engine of growth in the 21st Century, the decision of African leaders to declare a day for the commemoration of the role of technology and intellectual property in achieving sustainable development in the African continent is positive thinking towards national prosperity.”

In his remarks, the Director-General of NOTAP, Dr DanAzumi Ibrahim, said the commemoration was an avenue to enlighten the entire country on the need to be innovative and creative in all human endeavours.

“We as Nigerians should endeavour to use these two essential tools to minimise foreign technology consumption and improve local content in our domestic manufacturers and services,” Ibrahim stated.

The Director of Regulations, Nigerian Copyright Commission, Mr Michael Akpan, said intellectual property provided the fulcrum for innovation, which was key to technological development.




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