Federal Government should Invest more in IT’

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of APTECH, Mr. Anil Plant, has called on all tiers of Government to give scholarships to students to study Information Technology.

He also urged them to open more avenues for students in the field. Plant made the statement at the ninth edition of a programme tagged, ‘Career Quest,’ organised by APTECH in collaboration with the Middlesex University in Lagos.

The APTECH boss said there were a lot of vacancies in the IT industry which Nigeria had to fill up in order to meet up with the demands in her various sectors.

According to Plant, IT has come a long way in developed climes and Nigeria, striving for greatness, should not be left out.

He argued that the only way to achieve greatness in IT in the nearest future by Nigeria is to get more students involved in the discipline.

Plant, however, said this could only be done by encouraging its study through award of scholarship to students with bias for IT.

Plant said, “In terms of Information Technology, what you (the Nigerian Government) need to do is to open more avenues for students. Information Technology is not just about opening an office and setting up a computer. The world is moving. You will have IT in every space.

“You have IT in civil engineering, technology, automobiles, manufacturing and it is being used in every office. If you don’t generate enough IT professionals, what happens to the IT needs of your country? Nigeria is a very large country. What happens to her IT needs?

The Government has enough money to give scholarships to children to pursue IT courses. And this it should do. In India, when we started about 30 years ago, there were hardly any engineering colleges. There were about 150 Engineering Colleges in the whole of India. Thirty years along the line, you have about 3,500 Engineering colleges in the country and many vacancies still exist. This shows that even the 3,500 Colleges won’t be able to meet the demands of what the industry needs.


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