What is AutoReg?

AutoReg is the Automated Vehicle License Registration and Renewal System, the business solution has been launched successfully in 17 States.

How does it work?

You register your vehicle at any AutoReg designated outlet with a copy of the expired vehicle license and will be issue a new vehicle license.
These are to be presented upon authorised enquiry from the vehicle inspection authorities at any point.

Can I register my new vehicle at the designated outlets/centers?

Yes, but only at the AutoReg Processing Centers located in any of the existing Licensing Stations in the State. This is due to the requirement for the verification of the vehicle purchase documents and the issuance of the license plates that would precede vehicle license registration.

Where can I renew my vehicle license?

Go to any designated banks, existing licensing offices, authorised processing outlets , chat with us via the chat link or call and WhatsApp us on 08028994830

Do I have to pay any extra charge to register my vehicle on AutoReg

No, the amount payable on the different vehicle types and/or engine sizes as fixed by the Government’s tariff schedule will be displayed at each processing point.

Am I allowed to retain photocopies of the vehicle license sticker in my vehicle instead of the original documents?

Photocopies of these documents cannot be verified as authentic and as such, drivers should always be in possession of the original Vehicle particulars in order to avoid any embarrassment.

How can I replace my misplaced vehicle license ?

You present a police report and sworn affidavit on the lost document to be issued a new vehicle license

How does the program capture renewals from other State?

The issued license will reflect the appropriate validity period for your vehicle once a copy of the expired license from the other state is scanned to the head office.

Can I register more than one vehicle?

Yes. As many vehicles as you properly own and as the licenses fall due for renewal.

How long does it take to complete the registration/renewal of my license?

Your license is produced immediately and the vehicle license sticker is issued in exchange for your fee in cash. The processing time is 15 minutes
N.B Not all states accept cash and this should be confirmed with the processor before the process is done.

Can I register a vehicle on behalf of a third party owner

Yes. As long as you have the owner’s personal and vehicle details required for the registration.

How do I effect and register a change of ownership on a registered vehicle?

The original change of ownership documents (proof of ownership certificate, central motor registry receipt, treasury receipt, police reports and sworn affidavit) must be verified, accepted and endorsed by the Head of Station at any of the existing Licensing Stations in the State, before a new license is issued to reflect the title change at the Courteville head office in each state.

What about a change in vehicle engine number?

The change of engine documents (police report and sworn affidavit) must be verified, accepted and endorsed by the Head of station at any of the existing Licensing Stations in the State, before a new license and payment card are issued to reflect the Engine number change.

What about a change in vehicle chassis number?

The change of chassis documents (police report and sworn affidavit) must be verified by the Head of station at any of the existing Licensing Stations in the State and should be taken to Courteville Business Solutions Plc.

How do I correct error on my hackney permit license?

Present the hackney permit license at any of our designated centers, the agent accesses the vehicle particulars change window of the website updates information with changes and prints new license.

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