Experts List Strategies to Enhance Organisational Growth

Human Resources experts have identified motivation, training and retraining, good work place and adequate remuneration as strategies to enhance organisational growth. The experts, include a former member of the Governing Council, University of Jos, Chief Yunusa Oyeyemi; the Vice-Chancellor, University of Ilorin, Prof. Sulyman Abdulkareem; and new Registrar, UNILORIN, Dr. Folaranmi Olowoleni.

They spoke in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital on Monday, 30th of April, 2018 during a lecture to usher in Olowoleni as the second female registrar and sixth to occupy the position. Oyeyemi, who is a former member of the Kwara State Executive Council, harped on the importance of honesty, transparency, accountability and integrity among workers. He also said that good remuneration, appropriate promotion, training and retraining would improve workers’ performance.

He stated, “Every organisation has a set of goals it is expected to achieve. Goals are the central focus of any organisation. They are used to determine or measure the success or failure of any organisation. If the goals are met, the organisation is adjudged to be a success; but if not, it is written off as an abysmal failure.”

Oyeyemi, who is also a former Permanent Secretary, Kwara State Civil Service, warned that gender, ethnicity and religion should have no place in a manager s’consideration of postings, recommendations for training and promotion of subordinates. According to him, merit should be the main criterion in all staff matters. He said, “We all know how unsettling and frustrating acts of nepotism, favouritism and deliberate supersession of officers can be on the morale, loyalty and productivity of workers. These acts are immoral and should not be indulged in.

“It is the responsibility of all leaders, executives, administrative, professional and academic to ensure that rules and regulations formulated for the good conduct of organisations are strictly adhered to. Some codes of conduct are, as a matter of fact, expected to be exhibited by staff. These include loyalty to the organisation, knowledge of operating procedures, ability to work under pressure, punctuality at work, decent dressing, ability to effectively manage time and materials, hard work and absolute commitment to organisational goal. Staff motivation, in its varying forms, is an essential weapon in evoking outstanding performance from staff.”

Olowoleni said the modern trend in organisation administration world over required members of staff with correct attitude, versed in their jobs, competent, highly knowledgeable, committed and well-motivated. She added that they must be equipped with some specialised knowledge and skills, which should distinguish them from amateurs.


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