Most countries don’t take data issues seriously and, according to technology experts, that will determine the speed of their digital transformation. Available statistics show that the speed of digital transformation will hurt countries that are not proactive to data analytics.

For instance, it has been discovered by top data analyst that in every 10 minutes, more than 1.5 million devices are connected, while 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day. This development shows that more than 80 billion devices are going to be connected by 2025. Innovations around data and the speed with which it creates relief in activities of many sectors of the economy, including telecoms, healthcare, education, agriculture or even government, means it is the easiest way for a country to embrace digital transformation.

Digital transformation has changed how businesses interact with customers using technology. It means organizations embracing the new technologies such as the Block Chain, Machine Learning, ML, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Internet of Things, IoT and all the trending devices.

Digital transformation in a digital age is not what a country toys with and like a Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE based Solution Engineer and Big Data and IoT team lead Mr Issam Hijazi, put it, “a lot of companies, globally, have gone down for not embracing the new changes in technology, specifically digital transformation, but the most fearful is that most country will disappear in world digital map because they treated data with levity”. He said digital transformation is something critical that everyone need to agree or emphasize on.

Hijazi who spoke on a topic: ‘Driving the Next Wave of Multiplied Innovation with Data Driven Insights’ at a Hitachi Vantara event in Lagos, said digital transformation is a necessity for organization if they want to compete in the global market. He noted that in a competitive market one of the precious assets any organization can have is data. People who have data are going to succeed.

But if you have data and you are not able to use the right tools, mindset, experience and pattern to achieve purpose, then you are simply powerless. Hijazi explained that digital transformation is more about having all systems connected with each other in a proper way of integration, applying advanced machine learning in other to be able to project the future, behaviour customers and maintenance without having figure on down time and also without losing money and revenue.

However, speaking on the trending notion that data is the new oil, Hijazi deflated this belief, saying that data is not the new oil but the sun. He argued:   “If you look at oil, it is a chemical substance and once used, it is valueless. It depreciates and does not appreciate. But data is something that can be used repeatedly and does not depreciate.

“You can use data in many cases. In one case, it will help you understand your customers, in another case, it can help you predict their behaviour, and can also help you to do maintenance”. Data saved, can always be utilised and built on, using different tools.   That is apparently why he said “data is something like the sun. Sun is always renewable, it is usable, it’s clean energy and it will always be there for billions of years.

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