Digital Highway Avalanche: An AutoReg Experience



MEDIUM: AutoReg Scratch Cards, Drivable Toy Car, Metal, Paper Clips, Nylon Thread, Styrofoam, Plastic Mannequin Head, Miniature Gold Safety Pins, Staples and 3d Wall Paper.


AutoReg was first deployed in Lagos State in February 2007, in collaboration with the Lagos State government, as part of Courteville’s commitment to co – create values in e-governance with the State government.

The AutoReg Vehicle license is Courteville’s pioneer e-business solutions project. It is the automation of the vehicle licenses registration process and renewal system, which is designed for all vehicle owners within a state to register or renew their vehicle license without difficulty and in record time.


  • Since the commencement of AutoReg, over 50,000 cases of number plate duplication have been discovered and sorted out in Lagos State alone.
  • AutoReg has created and maintained a credible database and provision of accurate statistics of number of vehicles within the state.
  • Use of AutoReg cards has more than doubled the revenue of the states in which the business solution has been deployed in addition AutoReg has been able to control crime in case of stolen vehicles.
  • Quick and easy access to renewing genuine vehicle licenses;


  • 3D Wall Paper – 2365 spaces
  • AutoReg Card – 36,425 Pieces
  • Staples – 40,670 Pieces
  • Gold safety pins – 5,757 pieces
  • Colour Paper clips – 17,000 pieces
  • Decorative Plastic Panels – 60 Pieces
  • Man Power – 6 Permanent workers and 13 on and off workers
  • Working Duration – 12 Days
  • Working Hours – 216 Hours: An average of 18 Hours a day

AutoReg Scratch cards (composite cards: made of 60% PVC and 40% PET with dimension of 8.5cm by 5.4cm by 0.1cm.


Traffic Colors – (Red: stop, Yellow: slow down/Approach with caution/get ready and Green: Go)

Pacific Blue- Courteville Business Solutions Company main color and dominant color in AutoReg Scratch card. Blue harmonizes vigor, constancy and freshness.

Pink– Colour of universal love of one self and others. AutoReg was conceived and founded by Dr. Adebola Ismail Akindele out of the concern and love for solving citizens’ problems and also out of love for prosperity of the government in revenue acquisition and increase in vehicle safety.

White- Symbolizes safety, perfection, possibility, goodness, protection. It signifies wiping the slate clean as far as duplication of vehicle license documents were concerned.

Gold-Symbolizes wisdom in conception, patenting, production and multiplication of use.

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