If sanity must be restored in the data segment of Nigeria’s telecoms sector, the suspended Data Floor price initiative may need to be re-introduced. The “Floor price’’ is a government or group-imposed price control or the limit a price can be charged for a product to check unhealthy rivalry among players. The initiative was introduced in 2015, but later suspended by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), following several uproars against its implementation in the sector.

Speaking with journalists, the Chief Executive Officer, Spectranet, Ajay Awasthi, said price on data is similar to any other war, stressing that selling behind cost is not sustainable. He said Data Floor price can help bring sanity to the industry, as it is a long term sustainability initiative.

Awasthi, who introduced the firm’s Car-Fi service, said the country’s telecoms sector is large, growing, and must be adequately protected. Ajay explained that Spectranet Car-Fi is a thumb-sized, integrated 4G mobile wireless router that takes power from the car lighter socket.

Once it is powered, the device can convert 4G signals to Wi-Fi signal, thus connecting up to 10 phones, tablets and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. The Car-Fi draws power from the car battery ensuring continuous availability of internet services on-the-move. The occupants of the car canenjoy a seamless internet browsing experience. Spectranet Car-Fi also comes with standard USB charging interface that can provide 5V/2.1A output to other devices. It also supports micro USB input interface.

Awasthi said: ”Spectranet 4G LTE, as an Internet Service Provider, always endeavor to bring out innovative products and services for its discerning customers. By staying at the cutting edge of innovation, we ensure that the evolving needs of our customers are addressed well-in-time and well ahead of others. The Car-Fi is going to further endear the brand Spectranet to its customers and strengthen its position as a leading and innovative internet service provider.

“Spectranet Car-Fi is a premium lifestyle product and addresses the need of the people who are always on the move. The product is borne of insight that due to heavy traffic most people within the city spend good productive hours on the road. As a consumer-centric brand which believes in delivering “more” to its customers, we decided to introduce this innovative product, enabling our customers to work from the comfort of their vehicle while on the go.”








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