Courteville sets N500m Profit Target

Courteville Business Solutions is aiming for a profit after tax of N500m for the 2015 financial year.

The Group Managing Director, Courteville Business Solutions, Mr. Adebola Akindele, said this during a ‘Facts behind the figures’ presentation at the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

According to Akindele, the target represents a 57 per cent growth on the N317.6m profit the group made in the 2014 financial year.

In order to hit the target, he explained that Courteville Business Solutions was diversifying its operations to ensure that it did not only hit the target, it would also achieve greater but sustained growth.

As part of the diversification, Akindele said the group would embark on the construction of its AutoReg business platform into a dominant franchise in sub-Sahara Africa.

He also said the group would enhance the e-business solution development and services, sustain the accelerated expansion into the African and Caribbean markets and expansion of the AutoReg MVAD franchise into other states in Nigeria.

Furthermore, he said Courtville Business Solutions would expand its operations to Kenya and Senegal, enhance the existing Egole shopping platform and create universal e-payment solutions.

Between the start of 2013 and now, the Courteville Business Solutions GMD said the group had designed and developed an obligatory biometric health care insurance card project for the Republic of Guinea, among other things.

Other projects, according to him, include the deployment of a national insurance industry database for the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe, design and development of a web-based and mobile-response market hub and financial management portal for Small and Medium Enterprise.

The group had also gone into a partnership with Ravensbourne, United Kingdom, a university sector college in the field of digital media and design, for the design and development of an innovative online learning platform to deliver quality creative and vocational education in Nigeria.

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