The Group Managing Director of Courteville Business Solutions Plc Mr. Adebola Akindele made an appearance at the CNBC Africa Studio in Victoria Island, Lagos. This was the second time this year Mr. Akindele had been invited over to the CNBC Studio after being invited on the 4th of May to discuss on today’s subject matter of Courteville’s revenue and how challenges have been conquered to sustain the organization’s continued resilience in the currently tough Nigerian Business environment. Mr. Akindele attributed that the low revenue generated for the half year (June 2015) to the past elections and other variables which affected the growth not just with his company but other businesses. Courteville suffered marginally this period and it affected the company’s Profit Before Tax results but the GMD is optimistic that the corners have turned for good at this end of the first half of the year and is sure that rest of 2015 is going to be better with the hope of crossing the N500m mark in terms of Profit Before Tax.

The GMD was also confident that the e-Commerce section arm of the company would grow and categorically stated that e-business is not a sprint but a marathon and it all depends on sustainability making reference to the Company’s online shopping mall (Egole). According to the GMD, Courteville’s online shopping mall had been around for a while and Mr. Akindele is confident that it is now prepared to be launched commercially citing that the Egole brand is different from the others because they are not stockists which meant they don’t store goods in warehouses but aggregators which makes them provide a platform to link merchants with customers or buyers. This strategy he said helps avoid issues around been stocked out and inefficiencies that take the Company off their core competencies. He expects the growth to be rapid and there is already a model in place to effectively run the e-commerce business of Courteville and merchants already in line waiting to sign up on the new improved Egole platform.

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