It was a great weekend in more ways than one for the Courtevillers. It was our annual weekend getaway, and just like the past three years, we chose to spend our Courteville Weekend with the great people of Abeokuta.
This journey was a different experience because we all got to enjoy a train ride to Ogun state. For a large number of us, the train ride journey was a first, and it was quite a jolly-filled ride.
We all had to ride in different Coaches, but trust Courtevillers, it was a fun-filled ride.
We made our way to the Alake’s Palace (Alake of Egbaland) and we were received at the palace to a great banquet. The Alake, as always, welcomed us with all the splendour the people of Egba are known for. We made our way from the palace to our hotel to check into our rooms and wait for the Night club fiesta.

Oh! before I forget, we had a football competition, where each team had an Exco as a patron. Well, the DMD’s team won the competition as they had the best team for the competition( They came prepared, lol).

This year’s Night Club gathering had a record number of Courtevillers, cause it seemed like many had the penned club hangout as the “BANG” of the weekend. The next day was for sightseeing, and for many of us, it was just sleeping off the bug of the previous night.

The party at the GMD’s house always crowned the Courteville Weekend. We had so much fun, to say the least and there were cash prizes attached to all games on display with people going away with lots of money. For some of us, it was a new kind of experience and a very enjoyable one we look forward to.

The Courteville Weekend lived up to expectations as always, and we are already planning for next year.

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