Benefits of automation on vehicle administration

LAGOS State Government through the Motor Vehicle Administration Agency began the automation process of different aspects of Motor/Vehicles administration in 2007. The automation process covered areas such as Vehicle Licence, riders Cards, Hackney Permit, Vehicle Registration, Insurance, Hand-held device for Vehicle registration.

The effect of automation on activities of Motor/vehicle administration in the State cannot be over emphasized as it has greatly enhanced service delivery, while improving efficiency and effectiveness of all aspects of Motor/Vehicle administration in Lagos State. The automation process, over the years, enhanced the creation of a robust data base on all registered Vehicles in the State. This includes Motor Vehicles and Tricycles. There is a remarkable reduction in the process time allotted to obtaining documents, achievable through greater efficiency and improved service delivery. There is a remarkable reduction in incidences of leakages, touting, cloning and issuance of fake documents.

Full automation has gone a long way to enhance the quality and integrity of all MVAA products through full proof security features. In recent time, the incidences of Car theft has reduced considerably for obvious reasons that stolen cars can be traced in Lagos as result of the effective vehicles registration system introduced by the Lagos State Government.

The Lagos State Government has been able to create job opportunities and bring services closer to the people through the establishment of over 50 Independent sales outlets sited across the 5 divisions of the State for registration of vehicles and other services provided by MVAA.

Furthermore, the automation process has enhanced revenue generation in the State, while at the same time placing Lagos State ahead of other States in the area of licensing, proper documentation, comprehensive data base and other matters relating to Motor/Vehicle administration.

With all these in place, it is important that Vehicle owners and would- be owners endeavor to fall within the dragnet of Lagos State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency. It is imperative to note that the Lagos State Government is going tough on holders of fake vehicle documents as such persons will be made to face the full wrath of the Law.

Famakinwa is the Corporate Affairs director of MVAA, Lagos.


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