AutoReg Vehicle License


The AutoReg Vehicle License is Courteville’s pioneer e-business solutions project. It is the automation of the Vehicle License registration process and renewal system, which is designed for all vehicle owners within a state to register or renew their vehicle licenses without difficulty and in record time.

Vehicle licenses are to be renewed annually and they give the vehicle owner the right to drive on Nigerian roads within that period. It has been designed to show the details of the vehicle owner and vehicle details.

Since the commencement of AutoReg, over fifty thousand (50,000) cases of number plate duplication have been discovered and sorted out in Lagos State alone. The following are the inherent benefits of the AutoRegTM Vehicle License platform:

  • Creation and maintenance of a credible data base and provision of accurate statistics of number of vehicles within the state.
  • We have more than doubled the revenue of the states in which the business solution has been deployed.
  • Quick and easy access to renewing genuine vehicle license.
  • The business solution model has been able to control crime in case of stolen vehicles.

AutoReg was deployed first in Lagos State in February 2007and subsequently in the following 22 States Anambra State (March 2008), Oyo State (June 2008), Delta State (June 2008), Enugu State (August 2008),  Abia State (December 2008), Rivers State (January 2009), Niger State (October 2009), Kebbi State (November 2009), Borno State (January 2010), Sokoto State (January 2010), Bauchi State (November 2010), Ebonyi State (March 2011), Imo State (October 2011)Zamfara State (November 2011), Nasarawa State (April 2012), Akwa Ibom State (September 2012), Kogi State (August 2013), Plateau State (November 2013), Adamawa State (March 2014), Ekiti State (January 2015), Benue State (April 2015) and Ondo State (May 2015).

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