The Chairman, Ondo State Board of Internal Revenue (OSBIR), Chief Akin Akinsehinwa, has declared that the Automated Vehicle Registration Scheme (AutoReg) has increased the state’s revenue generation by 57%.

Speaking at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the official takeoff of the programme in Akure, the state capital, he affirmed its relevance to revenue generation and welfare of the people.

Akinsehinwa, who listed the security advantages of the scheme through its database operations, revealed that since his assumption of office in May/June, the revenue has tremendously increased from N3.2 million to N8.9 million by the end of September.

According to him: “when we started in June, we were running at about N3.2 million, within the spate of three months, we are running at N8.9 million in September; and it is still spiking”

The Chairman attributed the significant rise to AutoReg, explaining that “the confidence is there, the security is there; unlike those days when somebody would accost you and start flipping through papers. ‘No, all you need do, is when you take it, there are a lot of security features and they give comfort to vehicle owners.”

Deputy Managing Director of Courteville Business Solutions Plc., Mr. Wale Sonaike, which is the franchise operator of AutoReg in the state, said the scheme brings sanity to the ways of doing business in government.

He affirmed “It also increases revenue maximally for government on motor-vehicle documentation and administration.”

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