AutoReg Inspector


This is a remote verification tool that can be used by law enforcement agents to authenticate the genuineness of any type of vehicle documentation and information provided by individuals anywhere in Nigeria. The business solution is deployed via a handheld device.

This verification tool relies on the AutoRegTM database for its source of information. It can currently be used for the verification and authentication of the motor vehicle license, Driver’s license, Hackney Permit, MOT/Road Worthiness and Vehicle Insurance.

In recognition of the uniqueness of our AutoRegTM solution, the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) signed up with Courteville for the deployment of the AutoReg Inspector service at the Federal level and it is being utilized by the Corp Field officers in carrying out remote Driver’s license and Vehicle document verification, traffic monitoring and law enforcement.

This service has also been deployed in a large number of AutoReg resident States, while discussions are being held with the Nigerian Police Force and other West African countries for the provision of the full AutoRegTM bureau of services. Courteville Business Solutions Plc seeks to introduce its AutoReg InspectorTM solution, to enhance the law enforcement and crime fighting capabilities of the Nigeria Police Force.

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