A Non-Governmental Organisation, Second Chance Care Foundation, has said more than 60 per cent of Nigerian startups fail within the first two years due to poor leadership of the country.

The Foundations Chief Executive Officer, Mark Idiahi, disclosed this at the Future leadership press conference.

Idiahi stated that Nigeria had been missing effective leadership which had crippled the country’s growth and development. He said, “We moved from being ruled and led by colonial masters to being ruled and led through poor leadership. Not having enough to show for 62 years of existence is accountable for the numerous years of corruption, ineptitude and unreasonable attachment to selfish and limiting beliefs. These have led to high levels of poverty, unemployment and loss of lives.”

The primary responsibility of any result-oriented government is to create an enabling environment for people, businesses and ideas to thrive. However, when leadership is missing, the environment becomes hostile to growth, investments, or investors.

“Nigeria is a blessed nation yet reflecting the curses. Over 60 per cent of start-ups fail within the first two years. The buying power of citizens diminishes each passing day. Corruption is the degrading of the human spirit. Many brilliant minds have been reduced to nothing because a nation can be so blessed and yet consumes its own.”

The chief executive officer noted the importance of a redefined leadership, which would be about the soul not just tribe, entitlement mentality, sentiments and bigotry.




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